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We’re changing the real estate brokerage model for Rhode Island. No longer will a home owner need to pay high commission rates to sell their property. Instead, we have designed a company around fair pricing and exceptional service.

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We save you money. Instead of charging a high commission to sell your home, we charge a single flat fee. A homeowner selling a $400,000 home with us will save over $7000 with our full service, professional brokerage. We’re focused on the sale – not the commission. It’s not that we offer a discount… it’s just a fair way of doing business.

Current Real Estate Model Needed Updating

The current system for buying and selling real estate began in the early 1950s. For over 65 years, sellers have paid a 6% (5% in recent times) commission to sell their home. The commission is typically split: 3% to the seller’s agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. With over 90% of buyers going online to find their perfect home, today’s real estate listing agents play a different role. We thought it was time things changed.

We have implemented a Flat Fee Listing Price while still providing the full service brokerage our clients have come to expect. No longer will a seller pay 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. A flat fee of $4000 for homes up to $400,000 ($4995 for homes over $400,000) plus a recommended buyer’s agent incentive of 2-3% is all that will be charged – and only when the home is sold.

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Keeping The Equity You Earned

The traditional real estate sales model relies on the idea that home sellers won’t realize how much equity they are giving up in a real estate transaction. The equity you gained in your home is the difference between the amount you sell your home for today and the price you paid for it years ago. That difference is what you “earned” during ownership. Take a look at the following example: A home purchased in 2002 for $300,000 may sell for $500,000 in 2018. The homeowner has gained $200,000 in equity during the 15 years she owned the home. Under the old real estate sales model, she will pay a 6% commission when her home sells – which is $30,000. But look at how much earned equity she is giving back in commissions: $30,000 of the $200,000 ($500,000 less the original price of $300,000). That is 15% of the equity she earned! Now, look at J.E. GROUP PROPERTIES’ real estate model with that same $500,000 home sale. We charge a $4995 flat fee, plus a suggested 2.5% commission incentive to the buyer’s agent. This equals $17,495 in fees. That is only 8.7% of the homeowner’s earned equity. The home seller saves $12,505 in fees and over 6% of the equity! This is a perfect example of why we designed our business around the flat fee model. Call us today at 401-742-0958 and we can help you get your home sold quickly and efficiently.