The Wow Factor – Real Estate Listings Benefit From Drone Pictures! We Provide This Service For Free To Our Clients.

Research confirms what many agents already know: real estate drone images and videos can be a powerful marketing tool. Real estate listings benefit from aerial photos.

We sold the adorable cottage with the blue roof in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The drone photos helped highlight its proximity to the water in Galilee.

According to experts, properties with aerial photography sell about 68% faster than homes using standard photographs. Each property for sale has a unique story to tell. Drone photos help with this narrative. Aerial footage has an instant “wow” factor. 

You can see things from 50 ft above a home you can’t adequately capture any other way. Buyers viewing a home from above get a better sense of the house size and the property layout. It also helps buyers get a better understanding of the home’s design. Plus, with so many miles of coastline in Rhode Island, drone photos often show how close properties actually are to the ocean. Lastly, aerial photos also give buyers access to normally inaccessible areas, such as an up-close look at the roof, outbuildings, dense trees on the property, and more.

We provide drone photos as a free service to all of our clients. We are also available for hire! We would love to work with you.